How does a warehouse management system (WMS) operate?

Warehouse management systems are linked or interfaced to other systems such as material handling equipment,  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) systems, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and accounting systems to interchange data that each system needs to complete operational processes.

The warehouse management system is also linked to a server, host computer and access points within the warehouse to allow the flow of real time information.  Information is conveyed from mobile devices such as handheld computers, voice, wearable and vehicle mounted mobile computers or tablets from the device to the warehouse management system via the radio frequency (RF) access points.

What does all this mean?  Information is available to users in real time, as activity and transactions occur.  No more waiting for manual counts reports or “guesstimates”.  A warehouse management system provides immediate, accurate information, ensuring that users and business owners can make critical decisions in real time to effectively manage their businesses.